Live Interactive Training Program

Loving our video courses, but need more teacher-student interaction? We’ve got you covered: Introducing our electronic music production bootcamp, an online training program taught live by an Ableton-certified instructor, with classes meeting twice a week for three months.

This program is conducted in an online group class setting, at the same high quality you've come to expect from our video courses, which have been enjoyed by over 30,000 students! Study electronic music production in an interactive digital classroom, streamed directly to your computer from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world. In this bootcamp, our leading Ableton expert instructors will work directly with you and your cohort to guide you through every process of music production: from music theory to sound design to mixing and mastering.

What Makes Us Unique: Learn By Doing

Our program emphasizes the development of technical rigor and getting songs done. Most other music production programs teach endlessly about the software (DAW and plugins), then later attempt to have you apply that info piece-by-piece in different exercises and assignments - a fragmented approach that can make it difficult to combine concepts, and understand how everything fits together. One of the biggest problems new students in electronic music production face is that they get in their own way. They spend too much time thinking and trying to make sense of everything, while simultaneously attempting to craft a sonically perfect hit on their first try. The result is that it takes them months to halfway finish a not-so-great track, leaving them feeling frustrated and discouraged.

We emphasize learning the software while you’re creating and producing music. In fact, during the first week you’ll start producing your first song. It’s an interactive learning approach that provides context to topics as you learn them, and will make you better at starting and finishing high-quality songs. We’ll teach you how to focus on the things that matter. At the end of our 3-month program you’ll have finished 3 songs, each one better than the last, leaving you with the confidence and creative inspiration to continue creating music, and pursuing your musical ambitions, whether it’s producing chart topping pop hits or pushing the envelope of sound design with experimental music.

While beginners are welcome, students will be challenged to learn advanced production techniques and gain a deep understanding of Ableton Live. Each student will be expected to complete three fully developed songs, one per month, with a listening day at the end of each month. Feedback and constructive criticism will be provided as the songs should include production techniques learned each month as part of the exercise.

Class Structure and Guest Lectures

We're limiting the bootcamp enrollment to 20 students. The program lasts 3 months starting May 21st, 2019 and classes will be 2 hours long, held twice per week. Students may login form anywhere in the world, as the classes will be held online using digital classroom technology, which includes seamless audio/video/screen streaming for each student. Instructor office hours are included weekly so that you get direct interaction with your instructor. Leading music producers will join as guest lecturers, so that students can get firsthand experience from industry experts who will share their knowledge and insights.

MEET YOUR InstructorS

This bootcamp is co-taught by two Ableton Certified Instructors. We also schedule guest lectures at various points during the bootcamp to give you additional insights and perspectives.


Thavius Beck, an electronic musician, producer and performer has worked with artists including Nine Inch Nails, Skylar Grey, Saul Williams, The Mars Volta and many more. He’s taught at Dubspot in NY, and now teaches at the Foxgrove.


Paul Laski (P-LASK) is a producer, remixer, sound designer, DJ, and educator. He’s released house and techno music through many labels over the years, and his sound design can be heard in the Xfer Record’s Serum synth presets.

guest lecturers


STINT is a Grammy-nominated Canadian record producer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. He's co-written and/or produced music for artists such as Sabrina Claudio, MØ, Gallant, Carly Rae Jepsen, Demi Lovato, NAO and Zara Larsson.


Patrick Collier studied Music Recording Technology at Hampton University. After graduating he quickly gained attention from Grammy winning producer Chris Henderson and Dallas Austin. He’s worked with Carly Rae Jepsen, Far East Movement, Nicole Scherzinger and more.

Curriculum Overview

Month One

In the first month, you'll learn:

  • Rhythm theory: straight, broken, and half-time styles

  • Melody and chord theory: song keys, melodies, bass lines

  • Sampling using Ableton's Simpler

  • Subtractive synthesis using Ableton's Analog

  • Song structures: scenes, duplicating and editing clips

  • Audio effects and editing arrangement view clips

  • Mixing and mastering: volume balancing and EQing

  • Listening day: share your music and get direct feedback from the instructor and your cohort

  • Listening day

Month Two

In the second month, we'll cover:

  • Rhythm theory: hot swapping, fills, turnarounds, triplets, grooves

  • Melody and chord theory: pads and drones, scale degrees, chords, chord progressions

  • Sampling: warping audio and resampling

  • FM synthesis and Ableton's Operator

  • Song structure: enhancing arrangements background effects, risers, white noise, drops, etc.

  • Resampling and reversing for transitions, creative automation, special fx, volume gating

  • Mix and master: dynamics, compression, sidechains, stereo imagin

  • Listening day

Month Three

The final month is about:

  • Rhythm theory: slicing audio to drum racks, custom drum kits, choke groups, macros

  • Melody and chord theory: composing with MIDI effects, building effects racks, expression control, MIDI note parameters

  • Recording audio, follow actions, sample offset modulation

  • Sound design with Sampler, granular synthesis, multi-sample instruments

  • Song structure: consolidate time to new scene, live performance techniques, crossfader

  • Effects for live performance, sends only routing, MIDI mapping

  • Master effects racks, multi-band dynamics

  • Listening day

Enrollment IS now open


Before the first class, all students are required to complete our free Electronic Music Production: Level 1 course, which you can access for free right here.

Bootcamp Overview

The next bootcamp begins May 21st, 2019, and classes meet Tuesdays and Fridays from 6pm-8pm EST. All classes are 100% online and seats are limited. Reserve your spot now by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

Music Production Bootcamp
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  • 3-month live online course via video conferencing

  • Instructor office hours available weekly for direct interaction

  • Produce one song each month and share with class

  • Guest lectures with industry producers and professionals

  • Price: $1,500

All students will receive a discount code to purchase Ableton Live and Push at a 30% discount!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the digital classroom work?

Students may login from anywhere in the world using Zoom classroom software. Zoom requires virtually no setup, includes high quality audio/video/screen streaming, breakout chat rooms, and much more so that the classroom experience feels immersive and highly interactive.

What is the class schedule? When does it start?

The bootcamp will begin on May 21st, 2019. Classes will meet Tuesdays and Fridays from 6pm-8pm EST. Students will be required to complete homework and project assignments between classes. Additionally, students will have access to their instructor via weekly office hours, for additional one-on-one interaction.

What if I miss a class? Will the lectures be accessible after the class?

Yes, all classes will be recorded and made available for viewing. If you miss a lecture, you can watch the recording later when you have time.

What skill level is required to attend the course?

Beginners as well as intermediate-level musicians and producers are welcome to attend this bootcamp. The only prerequisite is to complete our free Electronic Music Production: Level 1 course, which you can access for free right here.

Can I get a discount on a Noiselab membership, to access all your video courses?

All enrolled students will receive a FREE one-year membership to the complete Noiselab course library ($120 value).

Will there be homework or out-of-class work?

Yes, each week there will be assignments to further your learning and apply the concepts taught in class.

Can I get a discount for Ableton?

Yes, all students will receive a discount code to purchase Ableton Live and Push at a 30% discount.

How do I sign up?

Click the “Purchase” button above to proceed with the enrollment process. Your seat will be secured by paying the $1,500 bootcamp fee. The bootcamp will be limited to 20 students, so enrollments will be closed once all seats are filled. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]