"Although I've been using Ableton for quite a few years now, I must say I learned many interesting things here. Your courses are great and fun. Thanks very much."

"Fun learning. To the point... Number 1 course for Ableton."
- Ambir

"I can't tell you how much this course really helped me understand another DAW... made understanding Ableton a lot easier than YouTube videos."

"I had already some experience myself with Ableton, music production, and sound design, however I have found that the approach your courses offer helped me fill out some holes in my knowledge about Ableton. I think that the courses are well structured and things are explained clearly."

"Great tutorials! Probably the best I've seen so far. Thavius is a great teacher. Thanks so much and happy music making!"

"Overall, I think this might be the best site I've ever encountered for learning about Ableton. Thavius is an awesome instructor. I'm really looking forward to seeing what else you guys come up with for classes."

"This is exactly what I needed...3 videos in and I can honestly say I understand everything so far. Thank you SO much!"

"This was so helpful! I didn't realize how cool warping was until I learned in this manner...Thank you!"

"I can't thank you enough! I've seen many tutorials for different DAWs, but you are by far the best teacher and I really appreciate your effort."

"This is probably the best online course on Ableton I've seen so far! Thank you very much!"

"Another great course. To be honest, I thought I already knew how to use the devices pretty well - so I was surprised to find the course so useful. Some ways to use things that I hadn't really considered."

"Been using Abelton for about 3 years now (alot of remixes and drum chop beats) all self taught, and Thavius is answering almost every single question I have ever had about what items are and how to apply them. It's incredibly gripping for me, and beaing able to just stop and mess with an idea he just mentioned is HUGE. Thank you so much for offering these courses."

"I always thought software like this is super difficult to get your head around - turns out you just need a good teacher. Thank you!"

"Finally! No more trying to find a bunch of random Youtube videos in mixed order on learning Ableton. Genius and easy to understand. Quickly becoming one of my favorite teachers."

"Thanks so much for the course! I enjoyed doing it a lot, have even picked up a lot of tips that I know will be handy in future! Very informative in what to do also!"

"This is extremely helpful if you need assistance with inspiration for some creativity."